UPLEVEL will support you in discovering and honoring your highest self. The courses are designed to hone in your grandest vision and develop an execution plan.

Currently, Magnificent Visions Workshop is our featured course that will allow you to walk away with a plan to achieving your dream life.

"You are the best thank you so much for the motivation."

- Erika

Magnificent Visions WORKSHOP

Our Signature Workshop opens the door to all of your wildest dreams. Through the 4-part class you will determine goals, explore your emotions, "live as if" through visuals, and finally develop your action plan.

Magnificent Visions COMMUNITY

Coming Soon!

Magnificent Visions COACHING

Wanting more after completing Magnificent Visions WORKSHOP? We offer a 60-minute, one-on-one coaching experience.

Hi, I’m Christie.

Educating and leading has been a part of my DNA since as far back as I can remember. As a child we had a very large chalkboard down in our playroom and I would play school for hours. Most of the time I was teaching to my stuffed animals and dolls.

For over 15 years in my professional life: I have taught servers how to be the best in customer service. I taught hairdressers how to precisely and systematically cut hair at a premium price. I educated on what made certain hair products the best and how to effectively use them as tools for clients. I developed curriculum for a multi-million dollar cosmetology school. I  mentored new stylists one-on-one to hone their craft and provide an experience for their clients. I educated throughout the Midwest, visiting other locations to share my own passion and talent. I have presented on stages, with the lights and all the fanfare for rooms full of people. 

I also traveled the US to expand my knowledge base, taking classes and working directly with industry leaders. I have invested in life and business coaches to improve my own personal and professional development. I read and consume copious amounts of information through books and podcasts, probably on an obsessive level. 

Creating space and developing dreams has been my work for as long as I can remember. Now, as a stay-at-home mom of two toddler girls I am sharing how I brought immense joy and success to my own life.  

This school will provide you with the knowledge, courage, and strategy to chase down your own dreams, honor your personal truth and execute the vision. I have tried on many hats and successfully lived an entrepreneurial lifestyle for almost two decades. I am your guide to unlock the magic of your own life.